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December 4, 2008

Auto Bailout

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so i’ve become a big fan of podcasts. i know they’ve been around a while, but i’m just now getting on the bandwagon, so to speak. i listen (or try to) everyday to a handful of various news podcasts, including the bbc, democracy now, the economist, and the rachel maddow show. its this last one that has, over the last week or so, repeatedly covered or commented on the auto industry bailout… or lack thereof.

admittedly, i was against the bailout of the mortgage industry, big banks, and wall street. there is no doubt in my mind that they, with the help of lax regulation and oversight, have put us in this mess. it was their blind gluttony at the expense of everyone else that has pretty much tanked the US and world economy. (more…)

October 3, 2008

Hawaii Congressionals Cave on Bailout Bill!!!

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This started as an email to friends this morning after I read how the House has passed the Wall Street bailout bill. I tracked down how Neil and Mazie voted and was disappointed enough to finally write something on the bailout bill and the underlying crisis. I do this in a hope of stimulating discussion, even debate, among progressives over the need to develop a pragmatic, but progressive approach to the unfolding economic crisis (crises). An approach which should not only be suitable for “salon talk,” but for engaging our neighbors and politicians in taking real world steps towards dealing with it in practical terms.

Which of us are going to be homeless, unemployed (under-employed) and/or financially ruined 12 months from now? Twenty four months from now? Are we going to continue and watch, while uttering “tut, tut” from the sidelines? Let’s start organizing now, while we still have roofs over our heads, electricity to run our computers, and enough money to keep our “always on” high-speed internet connections.

Most immediately, call Neil and Mazies Office NOW. Their phone numbers, and my continuing commentary/kvetch, can be found after the jump!

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