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April 9, 2010

PDH Testifies in Support of HCR 282

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Thursday, April 8, 2010
House Committee on Judiciary
In Support of House Concurrent Resolution 282

TO: House Committee on Judiciary
Chair Karamatsu, Vice-Chair Ito

FROM: Progressive Democrats of Hawai‘i
Co-Chair Josh Frost

Aloha Chair Karamatsu, Vice-Chair Ito, and Committee Members,

I am here, testifying before you today, on behalf of the Progressive Democrats of Hawai‘i (PDH) in support of HCR 282. (more…)

October 29, 2009

Special Committee Testimony Addressing Teacher Furloughs

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Below is testimony I’ve submitted for a special committee hearing to consider approaches to deal with the teacher furloughs.

Aloha Senators,

I am here, testifying before you today, on behalf of the Progressive Democrats of Hawaii (PDH).

Let me begin by applauding those Senators who have signed the petition to convene a Special Session of the Legislature to immediately address the financial crisis that continues to plague our state. I believe those Senators truly understand the immediate urgency resulting from the teacher furloughs and that this issue cannot wait to be addressed by the Legislature during the next regular session.

When times were good, our Department of Education (DOE) was struggling to provide a decent education for our children. Test scores in Hawaii repeatedly posted below the national average. And now (more…)

August 29, 2009

Democratic Party Central Committee Upholds Reprimand of Gabbard!

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NOTE: For a deeper examination of Mike Gabbard’s ideas, involvement in the Chris Butler cult and political agenda, go to this earlier post, written shortly after Gabbard joined the Democrats:

Some Thoughts on Gabbard (Sept 8, 2007)

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The State Central Committee of the Democratic Party voted today to uphold the decision of the Oahu County Committee to reprimand Senator Mike Gabbard for his “active opposition” to the civil rights plank of the party’s platform.

Unfortunately, the vote was fairly close, 37-31, which indicates to me that many SCC members are unwilling to stand up for the Party’s interests against even the most egregious efforts by nominal “Democrats” to work against the Party’s positions.

As the author of the motion to reprimand Gabbard, I wrote a lengthy email in advance of the meeting to explain my rationale to SCC members. That email follows the jump.


May 18, 2009

Civil Unions Hijacked

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I’ve followed the progress of the civil unions bill from the beginning of the session and cannot believe how things ended up! As a resident of the beautiful aloha state, I am ashamed of our state legislature for denying, once again, the rights of a minority class of their constituents.

How cruel, insensitive, cowardly, and short sighted can our state legislators be?     (more…)

February 24, 2009

in case you’re not a geek like me….

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you may or may be aware (though you should be), today the hawaii state senate judiciary and government operations committee has been hearing ALL DAY. and with the exception of a couple of hours during which i had to step out, i’ve been here. i’ve been here since a little after 7am. looking at my watch, it’s now 845pm and i’m still here. i’ll be here until the committee adjourns.

i thought, while i’m sitting here, listening to testimony (i presented my early in the day), i would post the testimony i submitted in support and on behalf of PDH. sorry i didn’t get it out earlier and hopefully no one has any objections…. (more…)

February 10, 2009

The Establishment of a Hawaii Health Authority

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senate bill 424, relating to health creates a hawaii health authority

responsible for overall health and planning for the state and shall be responsible for determining future capacity needs of health providers, facilities, equipment, and support services providers.


shall develop a comprehensive health plan for all individuals in the state. (more…)

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