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July 25, 2011

How Progressives Can Effect Change with Obama as President

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It has been suggested that the previous post should have been geared more along the lines of this topic. After thinking about it, I decided that instead of rewriting it, I should simply write a follow-up post. For starters, I think it is important to say, again, and with no equivocation, that Obama isn’t progressive, even though there are those who believe he is, “in his heart of hearts.” Using this notion as a starting point for action is, in my opinion a mistake, and progressives will serve their causes much better if they first abandon it.

I’ll be referring to PDH for my examples, but the concepts will obviously apply to other organizations, as well as individuals.

Building Relationships

It is my experience that the progressive movement has long been disorganized and fractured along various lines. If we are to have any hope of forcing, or empowering (whichever you’d prefer to call it) Obama to be more supportive of progressive ideals and policy initiatives, we’re going to have to come together as a more cohesive movement. (more…)

February 8, 2009

super-awesome member pledge

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admittedly, the name might need work, but i think the intent is clear.

ok, so maybe not, but let me explain. joe o’brien, a PDH member and frequenter of our monthly meetings made a pledge at our last meeting that didn’t garner much discussion. that pledge was to give $20 per month for dues instead of just $20 a year. he said he’d be willing to do this if others joined him.

well, there weren’t any takers at the meeting, but i’d like to take this opportunity to thank joe for his pledge to become a super-awesome member (that’s what i’m calling it until someone comes up with something better). and to ensure that joe isn’t out on that limb all by himself, i will also pledge to pay $20 per month, as apposed to what i’ve been paying: $0…. (more…)

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