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September 28, 2010

Congresswoman Mazie Hirono Completes Survey

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1. What steps do you think Congress should take to rebuild our economy on a more sustainable, yet economically viable basis?

We need to make sure that people have jobs, and we need to make sure that the measures we pass have a proven economic benefit. I voted for the Recovery Act because it would produce jobs. And in spite of the Republican rhetoric about the Recovery Act, “not doing anything,” the fact is that the Act has brought over a billion dollars back to Hawaii and put firefighters and police and construction workers and teachers — all here in Hawaii — back to work. I voted for the extension of unemployment benefits because statistics show that it would — far more than tax cuts to the rich — help stimulate the economy.

Stimulating the economy is also about preserving and diversifying our economy here in Hawaii. For example, I voted for a bill that provides tax incentives to the solar energy industry. I met with people working in that industry here in Hawaii, and they told me that if this bill didn’t pass, then they’d have to lay off many of their employees. So I helped pass the bill to help preserve that local “green” industry. (more…)

September 12, 2010

Looking for “Haole Bias” in Progressive PAC Endorsements

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There have been some pro-Mufi folks who have accused the Progressive PAC of having a pro-haole bias in their endorsements. Some of the language has been a bit intemperate, but rather than responding to any particular choice of words, let’s look to see if there is any basis for the charge.

I agree with those who say discussions of race are often uncomfortable, particularly for whites. (I prefer the word “haole” when we are talking about social dynamics in Hawaii and will use the word here).

Let me say upfront, I believe it is important to situate discussions about race or “ethnicity” in Hawaii within a historical context, one that recognizes the United States seized the Hawaiian Kingdom in violation of its own laws and of international law. That Hawaii is increasingly being “integrated” into the world economy as 1) a military command center for US domination of the Pacific and for “projecting power” towards Asia, and 2) as a highly desirable place for the affluent citizens of the US and other countries to vacation, have “second” (or third) homes or to take up residence permanently. Interactions between people of different races take place in those circumstances. (more…)

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