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January 22, 2009

Inauguration Aloha

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One evening I woke in the middle of the night and told my wife, “I have to go to the Inauguration”    To this day, I don’t know what triggered that moment of determination. There are so many factors that make this time so important to me: For the country; first African American President (or Hapa), 180 shift from non-constitutional actions (evil), and a possible prosecution of those responsible for needless war, torture, bankrupting the country, favoritism and war profiteering. For me personally; being able to teach my kids to look up to and respect our President, local boy done good, Punahou and HI recognized, and possible prosecution of those of those responsible for needless war, torture, bankrupting the country, favoritism and war profiteering…I could go on and on.

When Bob asked me to share my experiences after attending the Inauguration I felt mildly interested in submitting a blog. However, after attending I could not wait to get to a PC and share with my friends in HI how incredible the experience was. I could talk about how cold it was or how excellent Washington Metro trains are. But, the most interesting aspect of the experience is that the event had 2 million attendees and 0 arrests.   ZERO arrests!    No problems anywhere that I could see EVERYONE was helping EVERYONE.  After Barack took the oath of office, I spent a good deal of my time hanging with Federal Officers. They shared with me how overwhelming the event was for them because there were no protesters, thus no incidents to respond to. They were enjoying the day as much as anyone. Everyone everywhere were feeling the Aloha and even resisted many opportunities to mock or ridicule W. (However, there was jubilation as his helicopter took off).

Michelle Obama once said “to understand Barack you need to understand Hawaii”. I am convinced that Barack  Obama is bringing Aloha to the country and maybe the world. I feel certain that had he not attended Punahou all of this may not have happened. He is an exceptional person from an exceptional place and educational foundation.  There’s no doubt that his home and education shaped his views and capabilities.    I feel this way because his message and inspiration is shaped by a more international understanding of what is right, more than what we want for our own personal good.  Again, I could spend the majority of this blog talking about many of my personal experiences and excitement about the day.  But, the real story is that “Change” is long overdue and if the Inauguration is a good indicator. Change is here!

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  1. Hey Grant!

    WOT? No pictures?

    Glad you were able to go! I agree with you (and Michelle) about Hawaii’s influence on Obama’s personality. I have concerns whether he represents enough of a break from the past, but I am glad Hawaii values are in there affecting his outlook.Not only his “bi-racial” upbringing, but his multi-cultural experiences here and in Indonesia have undoubtedly helped him break with some of the worst aspects of American Exceptionalism and cultural smugness.

    Sorry to hear we will be losing you to Atlanta. Go, make money, move back.


    Comment by bartman — January 23, 2009 @ 8:01 am

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