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November 3, 2008

Obama’s Grandmother dies of Cancer

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The national blogosphere is abuzz with the news of the death of Obama’s grandmother, known as “Toot,” which apparently is how Obama shortened the Hawaiian “Tutu”. There have been leading posts on the event at DailyKos (with a number of other diaries on the subject as well), MyDD, FireDogLake, and other progressive blogs.

The Huffington Post also has a relatively long AP article,  Obama’s Grandmother Dies At Age 86, by Herbert Sample. This article includes 8 historic photos, most of which I had not seen elsewhere.

When Obama visited his Grandmother a week or so ago, the newspaper accounts only said that she was back from the hospital after breaking her hip, but the news today was that she died of cancer.  Obama’s mother died of cancer, as well.  Obama looked grim on this last trip, so I’m supposing that he knew how gravely ill his ‘Toot” was. I’m so glad that he got back in time to say thanks again, and goodbye.

We all owe Madelyn Payne Dunham a debt of gratitude for raising a President for the Twenty-First Century– assuming that he is elected. If so, ISTM he will be the first real 21st Century President that we’ve had. I don’t think George the Pretender counts. In any case, he governed (I use the word loosely) with a 20th century mindset.



  1. This is the Grandmother he grew up with– with whom he lived when he was going to high school. This one apparently played a much bigger role in his development than his other grandmother. This is the one that he lived with while going to high school at Punahou. But you knew that, didn’t you?


    Comment by BobSchacht — November 3, 2008 @ 3:22 pm

  2. Obama’s Mania or Mirage–the Tenacity of False Hope?

    Aloha Neo-Econs & PeacePals,
    It is indeed a new day in America. Finally, a candidate from a
    minority race can now be accepted as the symbolic head of USA Empire.
    But from my perspective in mid-Pac–to paraphrase an appropos French
    saying–the more things “Change,” the more they “Stay the Course”!
    While the election of Obama by a majority of U.S. voters(within the
    context of the more critical SELECTION by a more pragmatic Corporate
    Ruling Class) is a change from the Iron Fist of Fascist Militarism of a
    Bushed Regime, the future without a massive Progressive and
    particpatory citizens’ movement will only mean a more “palatable” but
    only slightly-altered re-imposition of the corrupt & constricted
    Capitalist Consensus. I would welcome informed feedback & dialog from
    all my respected allies. Mahalo.

    Peace & Imua, Danny

    Comment by Danny Li — November 10, 2008 @ 7:58 am

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