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August 5, 2008

Sen. Inouye goes to bat for Sen. Stevens

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Kos has a diary up about Sen. Inouye:

AK-Sen: “Dem” Inouye to campaign for indicted Stevens .

They have both been in the Senate since the 1960s, with Inouye there first by 6 years. Kos concludes,

Perhaps he sees that despite Stevens’ long service, he is under siege by primary opponents and a general election opponent who is slated to kick his ass this November, and fears he might face a tough primary or even general election contest himself in 2010.

Whatever the reason, Inouye is 83. Hopefully, that means retirement is in order and Hawaii gets a chance to elect someone who doesn’t shill for indicted crooks from the party that has given us our nightmare Bush America.

In one of the most recommended comments, mcfly wrote,

You think Inouye is going to be seriously challenged in Hawaii?
LOL. (which is not to excuse what he’s doing, of course)

Sen. Inouye has a track record of collaborating with other Republican senators as well. I recall that he was one of the bipartisan “Gang of 14” who made it possible for Judge Alito to join the Supremes, along with seven Republicans (including John McCain) and the now “Independent” Democrat Joe Lieberman. Progressive Punch ranks Inouye in the bottom ranks of Democrats (34th in the Senate). From the Progressive Punch point of view, Inouye’s worst marks come on Housing (33%), Labor Rights (75%), the Environment (76%), and War and Peace (78%).

But in another comment to Kos’s diary, mcfly adds,

In Inouye’s case it’s because he is a founding father of modern Hawaii and an important figure in American history. If you ever get a chance, read about him being sworn into Congress in 1959, a Japanese-American entering a Congress that still harbored a lot of segregationists. There were gasps in the audience because he raised his left hand to be sworn in, as his right arm was blown off in World War II.He has done a lot of good since then, and shoveled a lot of not-so-good pork into Hawaii. IOW, there are perfectly good reasons he keeps getting elected. We would do better to understand them, especially if it is our goal to defeat these entrenched incumbents.

According to his Progressive Punch score, Inouye is actually more progressive than Barack Obama! The Progressive Punch scoring system, and how it defines “progressive,” …well, your mileage may vary.

Go figure.


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