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August 19, 2008

Continuing Concerns with Hawaii’s Election System

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The Office of Elections (OoE) has been embroiled in some controversy in recent weeks and a number of people have asked my opinion on the various issues, so I am attempting to put down my thoughts, however fragmentary and half-developed, so that others can pick them over, perhaps finding an idea, fact or insight worthy of further development. Or, worthy of rejection after consideration. (more…)

August 18, 2008

Progressive PAC Fund Raiser

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Change is in the Air !!!

Make A Difference in 08

The newly formed Progressive Political Action Committee (PAC), created jointly by Americans for Democratic Action-Hawai’i and Progressive Democrats of Hawai’i, invites you to a fund-raiser to support progressive candidates* who are in tight races for the Hawai’i State Legislature this Fall.

Please join us for food, fellowship and great conversation on:

Saturday, August 23, 2008

1:00 – 4:00

Lutheran Church of Honolulu

1730 Punahou St.

Requested Donation: $60 (or more)
Funds raised will be divided between these six candidates:

  • Mike Abe, House District 19 (Waialae, Kahala, Diamond Head)
  • Ikaika Anderson, House District 51 (Lanikai, Waimanalo)
  • Brickwood Galuteria, Senate District 12 (Iwilei to Waikiki)
  • Clarence Nishihara, Senate District 18 (Waipahu, Pearl City, Crestview)
  • Maile Shimabukuro, House District 45 (Waianae, Makaha, Makua)
  • Jessica Wooley, House District 47 (Laie to Kaneohe)

*Candidates were selected through surveys and the voting record of incumbents. The Progressive PAC endorses a larger number of candidates (which list will be available at the fundraiser), but believes that these six especially need our help.

Issues considered in making endorsements included support for: health care, clean elections, same day voter registration, lower DOE class sizes, gun control, civil unions, easing union organizing, and state supported pre-school education. Few candidates fully supported progressive issues, but these six people are clearly better than their opponents!

Questions? Call John Bickel at 728-9682
Want to participate, but can’t attend? Donations are accepted at:
Progressive PAC, PO Box 61792, Honolulu, HI 96822.

Parking: In lots behind the church and ½ block mauka on Paki Street

August 11, 2008

Hawaii isn’t American enough for Cokie

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Cokie is a fixture over at NPR. As a daughter of Hale Boggs, she’s been breathing Washington, DC, air for a long time, and according to the Wikipedia, earned her chops by her coverage of the Iran-Contra Affair for PBS, which won her the Edward Weintal Prize for Diplomatic Reporting in 1988.

So by now I suppose that her post at NPR is something of a sinecure. The Wikipedia also reports that she also works as a conservative political commentator for ABC News.

Today, in a vapid report for NPR, she opined that Obama shouldn’t be wasting his time in Hawaii. Fortunately, our Senator Akaka was quick to correct Cokie. For the dreadful details on Cokie’s performance, see the report on DailyKos by Hope Reborn,

Sen Akaka (D-HI) response to Cokie’s stupidity… Write NPR Please and tell them to send her to Fox

But really, Cokie, you should get out a little more often.

UPDATE (August 13):

Rep. Neil Abercrombie, on Cokie Roberts (thanks to dKos):

“She’s a bit of a fool that’s the only thing you can say,” said Rep. Neil Abercrombie. ” Don’t forget Cokie Roberts and the whole Washington crowd live in a kind of an incestuous relationship to one another, they talk to one another, they see one another, they know nothing about ordinary people.”


August 5, 2008

Sen. Inouye goes to bat for Sen. Stevens

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Kos has a diary up about Sen. Inouye:

AK-Sen: “Dem” Inouye to campaign for indicted Stevens .

They have both been in the Senate since the 1960s, with Inouye there first by 6 years. Kos concludes,

Perhaps he sees that despite Stevens’ long service, he is under siege by primary opponents and a general election opponent who is slated to kick his ass this November, and fears he might face a tough primary or even general election contest himself in 2010.

Whatever the reason, Inouye is 83. Hopefully, that means retirement is in order and Hawaii gets a chance to elect someone who doesn’t shill for indicted crooks from the party that has given us our nightmare Bush America. (more…)

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