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May 12, 2008

Elections at State Convention

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As we mentioned in our outline of what to expect at the State Democratic Convention coming up in in less than 2 weeks, one of the orders of business will be to elect people to a number of positions. I will outline the races and candidates that I know of and invite others to weigh in on candidates that they are supporting.

[Note: I will update this as I get more information.]

  1. National Committeeman
  2. National Committeewoman
  3. National Delegates (4 at-large delegates will be voted on by the new SCC)
  4. State Party Chair
    • Brian Schatz
    • Annelle Amaral
  5. State Electors
  6. State Central Committee Caucus representatives
  7. State Central Committee Youth representatives
  8. State Central Committee District representatives (1 man, 1 woman from each State Senate district)

May 7, 2008

2008 Proposed Resos Available for Download

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Yesterday was the deadline for submission of resolutions for consideration at the May 23-25th State Convention . Most of the resolutions  are those which were adopted by the county conventions held this past weekend. Those resos should soon be available online, if they are not already. A smaller number of resolutions have been submitted by individuals.

NOTE: It is still possible to introduce LATE resolutions by 4 pm on the Friday afternoon of the Convention. The maker must provide 75 printed copies and an electronic version a CD.  The same submittal form, with the necessary signatures, must be filled out.

Please post comments with links to online versions of proposed resolutions.

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