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April 30, 2008

Materials from Pre-Convention Workshop

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The pre-convention workshop that we helped to coordinate was last Saturday, which was also my birthday. After the workshop, I went off to do things of a more recreational nature and was pretty busy for the remainder of the weekend. When I got back to my email on Monday, there were several notes waiting for me asking about the workshop. Several were from people on islands other than Oahu, who wanted to know more about how they could be involved. Rather than answer each individually (although I will still do that for specific questions), I will post what information I can here for them, and others, to peruse.

Pre-Convention Workshop Agenda: This is the outline of what we covered at our workshop. The second page summarizes the guidelines for submitting a resolution to be considered at the State Convention.

DPH State Convention Draft Agenda: Summary of each day’s activities during the State Democratic Party Convention. This is a DRAFT and very subject to change. Just to be used as a general guideline.

Official Forms relating to State Convention (particularly note the resolution Submittal Form)

Resolutions passed at State Convention in 2006: These can be used as a starting point for reso’s to be submitted this time

Resolutions submitted for the Oahu County Convention this weekend.

The resolution topics discussed in the break-out groups are posted in the comments of the sections below. Please feel free to add your thoughts, and send me a note if you want to be put in touch with others that were interested in working on those topics.

If you aren’t sure whether you are a delegate or not, call Democratic Party HQ ASAP to double-check with them!

Why is Sen. Inouye (D) helping Sen. Stevens (R) raise campaign funds?

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I need to preface this post with an acknowledgment of Sen. Inouye’s service to our country in general, and Hawaii in particular. To quote from Trapper John’s blog today,

Dan Inouye is one of the greatest living Americans. That ought to be stated at the outset of any post which is critical of the man. Inouye is a bona fide war hero — a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient — who lost his arm fighting for a nation which was simultaneously interning thousands of his fellow Japanese-Americans. He’s a son of immigrants, who after the war joined with a number of other Nisei veterans to found Central Pacific Bank — a venture which helped provide capital to scores of Japanese-Americans in Hawai’i unable to obtain loans from other sources. And he was the first Japanese-American elected to the US House of Representatives, and subsequently the first Japanese-American elected to the Senate. I was lucky enough to live in Hawai’i for a few years, and one of the first things I learned upon moving to Honolulu was how justifiably revered Dan Inouye is in the islands. He’s a truly remarkable American.

That said, I know that back during the last Ice Age when Hawaii and Alaska became states, Sen. Inouye and Sen. Stevens became BFF. But really, now that Stevens’ corruption has been exposed, and Democrats need a more than paperthin majority in the senate, why does Sen. Inouye continue to honor this friendship with this kind of support? I have no objection to their remaining friends, but there ought to be some limits. For details, see this blog:

Why is Daniel Inouye Raising Money For Senator Toobz?

By: Jane Hamsher Wednesday April 30, 2008 12:01 pm

And then also take a look at the remainder of Trapper John’s blog at DailyKos

Dan Inouye, Heartbreaker

by Trapper John, Wed Apr 30, 2008 at 12:40:13 PM PDT

This is the same Senator Inouye who was one of the Gang of 14 who enabled the nomination of Judge Alito to the Supreme Court to be approved. BTW, some of the other members of that gang? Sen. John McCain, and Sen. Joe Lieberman.

April 26, 2008

Planning for the 2008 DPH State Convention

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This morning there was a workshop, sponsored by the Progressive Democrats of Hawaii and the Hawaii Chapter of Americans for Democratic Action. It was designed give an orientation to delegates and alternates to the convention so they can participate effectively in its activities. A great deal of attention was paid to  the importance of resolutions and encouraging people to come together to write resos on issues of importance to them.

PDH is offering space on this blog to party members to help discuss issues appropriate to the respective committees, with an eye to helping people come together to write resos. Also, if proposed resos can be found on County websites, you can post links to those resos here.

Completed resos should be submitted to the Democratic Party headquarters by close of business on May 6th (5 pm). Each reso must be signed by two delegates to the convention (the maker of the motion and the second) and signed by ten party members, who need not be delegates.

To participate, you need not be a member of either PDH or ADA, but people who are NOT members of the Democratic Party are asked NOT to comment in these discussions.


Labor Resolutions

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Use the comments section to post ideas, drafts or reactions to possible resolutions appropriate to this committee for the State Convention. If you have completed drafts, you can post them here to allow members an opportunity to review them prior to the convention.

Business and Economic Development Resos

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Use the comments feature to post your ideas on possible resos to be introduced dealing with issues appropriate to this committee.

Resos Relating to Health and Human Services

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This is the place for ideas for resolutions, suggested drafts and discussion on proposed resos for this committee.

Here is the resolution submitted by ADA/H in 2004. Still good.
Universal Healthcare Reso, ADA/H

Background document created by ADA/H
Basics of a Healthcare Security Act

Draft resolution based on PNHP doc, submitted by JE
Universal Healthcare Reso, JE

Environment: Post reso ideas, drafts here in comments

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If there are resos you want to see introduced to the Democratic State Convention dealing with environmental issues, post your ideas here. Better yet, post draft ideas, or outlines for resos here.

Resos Relating to Education

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Ideas, drafts and comments on resos relating to Education can be posted here.

Resos for the Government Operations Committee

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Submit ideas, drafts and comments on resos for this committee here.

Resos: National and International Affairs

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This is the place to raise issues for resolutions for this committee.

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