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January 9, 2007

A National law on Public financing of elections?

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Matt Stoller over at MyDD.com wrote a blog today on Public financing of election. He wrote, in part,

Restoring the Public

by Matt Stoller, Wed Jan 10, 2007 at 01:10:32 AM EST

[snip] So it’s significant that Dick Durbin is going to put forward public financing for campaigns. We understand that we get the government we pay for, and if it’s business that pays for government they’ll get what they want and the public will get screwed. The obstacles to public financing are fairly high. Ironically, most members want it badly because they really hate raising so much money, but for some reason don’t think that it’s possible to make it happen. I talked to one member who told me that the only real solution to the structural problems in Congress is public financing of elections, but that it’s never going to happen. Lots of them feel this way.There are two basic obstacles to public financing of elections. One is Bush, who will veto any real bill. Two is Mitch McConnell, the impressively mean and intelligent Senate Minority Leader. McConnell is a machine politician, shipping corporate money to Republicans all over the country and wielding huge amounts of power as a result. He hates campaign finance laws, and will oppose this with everything he has. McConnell’s going to have to pick his battles though, since there’s a lot of defense to play and he’s going to have to fight off card check and other serious attacks on his business cronies.Anyway, it’s a very good thing that Durbin is pushing this. It’s a major sign that the Democrats are serious about restoring the public’s ability to govern.

This is where we come in. Durbin, of course, is a Senator, so we need to ask our Senators, Akaka and Inouye, to support Durbin’s bill. We can remind them that the Hawaii Democratic convention passed a resolution in support of public financing. We can do it!

Bob Schacht

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