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July 31, 2006

Sierra Club Rates Hawaii Legislators

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The Sunday Advertiser ran an article about the Sierra Club’s scorecard on Hawaii State legislators.

Lawmakers scored on environmental votes
Sunday, July 30, 2006

When it comes to sustainability issues like the Legacy Lands Act, coastal access, recycling and land use, the Sierra Club Hawai’i Chapter has given state Rep. Hermina Morita and Rep. Tommy Waters perfect scores for their voting records.

With a 93 percent score, state Sen. Gary Hooser topped the list of senators on the 2005-2006 Legislature Environmental Scorecard.

The lawmakers were ranked according to their votes on 10 Senate and eight House bills to provide a rough guide on how each lawmaker stands on sustainability issues.

Other lawmakers in the top tier included: Sen. Les Ihara, Jr.; Sen. J. Kalani English; Rep. Lyla Berg; Rep. Brian Schatz; Rep. Maile Shimabukuro; Rep. Cynthia Thielen; Rep. Roy Takumi and Rep. Kirk Caldwell.

Thielen was the only Republican in the top tier. Republican senators Gordon Trimble, Sam Slom and Paul Whalen were ranked lowest in their chamber, while the bottom category included four House Republicans — Lynn Finnegan, William Stonebraker, Barbara Marumoto, Mark Moses and Colleen Meyer — as well as Democrat Bob Nakasone.

July 28, 2006

Gary Hooser makes “recommended” list on DailyKos

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Gary Hooser has a long blog on DailyKos today at
http://www.dailykos.com/story/2006/7/28/05053/2336, and his blog has already has attracted 370 comments, and was listed on the DailyKos home page in the “Recommended Diaries” list for a while, although it is no longer on that list (sic transit gloria mundi! Has Gary already had his 15 minutes of fame? )

Gary helped feed the fame by replying to many of the comments. He must have been up most of the night!

Most of the comments are fairly short. However, David Raatz chose to contest Gary’s assertion that he is the most progressive candidate in the race. David, writing under the subject title of “Gary is a great guy,” opines at length that Mazzie Hirono’s progressive credentials are equal to Gary’s. This in itself set off a debate, with 19 comments, including one from Gary, asking about where she was blogging. In effect, he was challenging her to an online debate. Someone else pointed out that Mazie has been endorsed by EMILY’s List, which has designated her as a featured candidate. That writer provided a link to Mazie’s website, at
http://mazieforcongress.com. But that drew the comment from someone else that Mazie is an “establishment Democrat,” and therefore part of the old crony system. This drew a rebuttal from another commenter. Elsewhere (the list of comments is long!), someone else contested Gary’s claim to being the most progressive candidate, instead nominating Mazie Hirono and Colleen Hanabusa for that honor, alluding to a “great article” in the Honolulu Weekly
([here] )

Gary’s fundraising efforts were said to be lagging behind compared to Hirono at 335K, Hanabusa at 113K and Schatz at 120K.

Someone else chimed in with support for Brian Schatz.

Gary is a novice blogger, but he’s learning fast, and is paying attention!

Anyway, there’s a lot of action on Gary there!

Bob Schacht

July 26, 2006

Political Speed Dating

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Well… we did it, and I think it went pretty well. Nine Democrats running for Hawaii’s 2nd CD US House came and participated in the political speed dating candidate forum tonight. The only missing Democrat, Joe Zuiker, would have been there except that he was on the mainland. The parking was terrible, so some people filtered in a little late, but that probably would have happened anyway. There was good representation by the media. We were the lead story on KHNL News 8 at 10 tonight; they did a good job too. I expect to see stories in the paper tomorrow and perhaps Dave Shapiro will write up his impressions.

I personally did not get a chance to sit in on the “dates” since I was busy timing the rounds, so am looking forward to hearing from those who did. If anyone who attended wants to write up their impressions of the candidates, you are welcome to register as a user and submit a contribution to this page. Or if you don’t want to register, please feel free to post in the comments section.

Next, I hope we can still encourage each of the candidates to answer our questionnaire in writing so that we can post it on our website. Also, I think there was a video camera from Olelo there so perhaps we can help put together a video that can be broadcast and/or put on DVD so that it can be disseminated to rural Oahu and the neighbor islands.

Media coverage:
KHNL Candidate Forum-small
KHNL Candidate Forum -Big
HPR story
Honolulu Advertiser
Star Bulletin
David Shapiro
Jerry Burris

Apocalypse Now?

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This morning on CNN Kyra Philips interviewed a Christian blogger and a novelist who were both professing that the violence in the Middle East signifies that the “end of days” is coming. The banner at the bottom of the page actually read, “Apocalypse Now?” Seriously. I couldn’t make this up.

In 2002 I was a delegate to the National Democratic Convention in Boston. While there, my then fiance (now husband) was approached by a woman and her 4 children who wanted to know why we were supporting Democrats. He felt like he was surrounded by the “children of the corn” when she explained to him that she was supporting GW Bush because he was going to bring about the end of days leading to Jesus coming. She meant this literally. We often relate this story to our friends from other countries as an example of how America is full of Christian fundamentalists that view the Book of Revelation as a prophecy that will come true in their lifetimes. Our foreign friends, used to much more secular societies, never believe us. Now we get to watch these prophecies gain credibility as they are being reported on CNN rather than just being shouted from street corners. Maybe the end of the world really is near.

I have heard it hypothesized that the current administration may privately justify running up the national debt because they believe that by the time our grandchildren would be called upon to pay the bill, the world would be over. Similar justification for environmental policies. Why take care of the planet when the apocalypse is near? Sounds crazy, I know, I just wish I could be confident that there was no element of truth to it.

July 25, 2006

CD2 Forum Update

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This just in… Clayton Hee will be able to attend our forum tomorrow night! So we have confirmed all of the Democratic candidates, except for one who is on the mainland (Zuiker), for the 2nd Congressional District will participate in this forum.

9 Candidates Participating (alphabetical order):
Hanalei Aipoalani
Nestor Garcia
Colleen Hanabusa
Clayton Hee
Mazie Hirono
Gary Hooser
Matt Matsunaga
Ron Menor
Brian Schatz

Schedule of events:
6:30pm sign in
6:45pm opening remarks
6:55pm round 1 begins
8:45pm closing remarks

Refresments will be available.

CD2 forum in CD1…

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OK… We knew we were opening ourselves up for trouble sponsoring a forum for the 2nd Congressional District in the 1st Congressional District. The criticism is starting to come in… so here is part of the rationale behind our choice of a venue.

1. Feasibility for us: We have contacts that help obtaining use for McCoy Pavilion at a very good price. Perhaps a bad excuse, but since we are a new group with zero funds, this made a big difference as to whether we could sponsor such an event.

2. Lots of CD2 residents work in town: Part of why we thought it would still be useful to hold a CD2 forum in town is that many residents of the 2nd Congressional District actually work in the vicinity of downtown Honolulu. We thought that scheduling an event for an evening in the middle of the work week would be convenient for this sub-set of people.

3. The 2nd CD is big! If we hosted the event in Windward Oahu, people would complain that we weren’t reaching out to those who live in Leeward Oahu, and vice versa. No matter where we hold it on Oahu, we are inaccessible to all the neighbor islands. It is impossible for one event to reach all of the 2nd CD.

4. We hope this will be only one of many events. While we would love for our group to grow so that we have active groups throughout the State, our core is currently concentrated in the 1st CD. We were hesitant about going into another area where we might be stepping on the toes of groups that may already be active there.

In summary, we fully recognize that there may be pit-falls to the format and location of the “Political Speed Dating” event that we are helping to put on. Despite these potential problems, I hope that we will be able to reach a significant number of the sub-set of 2nd CD residents that work in the 1st CD. Furthermore, I hope that we demonstrate to other groups that just because a forum accomodating the 10 Democrats that have filed for this race can be quite formidable and difficult, it is not impossible.

July 23, 2006

2nd Congressional Candidate Websites

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Here is a list of the campaign websites for the Democratic Second Congressional District primary candidates, plus an article profiling the candidate. I used Dan Boylan’s profiles when available, because Dan is well-respected for his fairness.

NOTE: This information is not complete. If you have a missing website addess, please post it in the comments section. Also, I do not have a good candidate profile article for either Joe Zuiker or Hanalei Aipoalani, but I’ll post one if I am provided a link.

Brian Schatz:
Boylan profile:Midweek, April 5

Mazie Hirono:
Boylan profile:Midweek April 19

Gary Hooser:
Boylan profile:Midweek, Feb 8

Ron Menor:
Boylan profile:Midweek, Feb 15

Matt Matsunaga:
Boylan profile:Midweek, May 17

Colleen Hanabusa
Boylan profile:Midweek, Feb 22

Nestor Garcia
[Cannot find his website]
Maui Time Weekly profile: Maui Time Weekly, June 26

Clayton Hee
[Cannot find his website]
Boylan profile:Midweek, May 24

Joe Zuiker

Hanalei Aipoalani

July 20, 2006

CD2 Candidate Forum!!

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Spread the word, PDH & ADA/H are hosting a “political speed dating” candidate forum for the 2nd CD race! Event will be held on Wednesday July 26th at McCoy Pavilion from 6:30-9pm. Press release went out today and is linked to our homepage.

Initially, we considered hosting a more traditional style debate and were going to use it as part of an endorsement process. The more we discussed potential formats for both the debate and an endorsement, the more we realized how difficult it would be with 10 or more candidates. We ended up abandoning the idea of an endorsement, in part because we knew that multiple candidates had support from significant numbers of our members. We might have given up on the forum as well, until one of our members came up with the novel “political speed dating” idea. While this format may have its drawbacks as well, we think it will give voters a chance to get to know these candidates much better than they would in a more standard format.

We have firm commitments from 7 8 of the 10 democratic candidates invited. One candidate will be on the mainland; we are awaiting word on the other two one. Assuming 8 candidates attend, the audience will be divided into six equally sized groups, seated in clusters around the room. Six candidates will be speaking at a time, one to each group, for about 10 minutes. At the end of the time period, a bell will ring and each candidate rotates to the next group. With eight speakers, but only six groups, two candidates will have time to collect their thoughts, or listen in on the speeches of the other candidates. There will be eight rounds so that each candidate will get a chance to speak with each group.

We have provided the candidates with a questionnaire containing issues of interest to our members. This document can be viewed on our website, http://pd-hawaii.com. Once all the candidates have had a chance to respond to the questions, we will post their answers on our website where people can compare them as a part of their decision making process.
This event is free and open to the public.

July 19, 2006

Hooser & Hirono on Daily Kos

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With 12 democrats running for the 2nd CD seat, I suppose you have to get your word out anyway you can. Gary Hooser has posted on Daily Kos as part of his effort.
There is a post in support of Mazie Hirono there as well.

I am sure there are others too… I just happened across these and thought they were worth sharing.

bloggers for Akaka…

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several posts in favor of Akaka over Case at Kris Schultz’s blog.

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