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January 8, 2008

Pres Race 2008

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PDH & the Hawai‘i Chapter of ADA will be hosting a Presidential Candidates Forum

Hear from Hawai‘i campaign representatives and ask them your questions!

January 17, 6:30-8:30pm
Harris United Methodist Church
20 S. Vineyard Boulevard

We have asked each campaign to be prepared to answer questions similar to those listed below. We won’t be asking these questions directly, so have purposely kept them general in nature in order to provide campaigns with an outline of issues that they should be prepared to answer questions on. Audience members are welcome to ask more pointed questions as they see fit.

As time allows, we will add additional posts outlining sources where these questions have already been answered for each campaign. If you know of good sources, feel free to leave a comment.

1. Regarding the Iraq War:
PDH and ADA/H, along with the majority of Americans, think that the Iraq war that we have been engaged in for over six years is an absolute disaster. What is your candidate’s view on a resolution to this war?

2. Regarding Healthcare:
Currently, there are approximately 47 million uninsured Americans. Of those that are insured, many are faced with rising premiums and co-pays that puts them in danger of losing their coverage. A number of solutions for this recognized crisis have been proposed ranging from a single-payer system that would eliminate insurance companies (similar to Canada) to increasing coverage by existing insurance companies. What type of solution does your candidate propose?

3. Regarding Abuses of Executive Authority:
PDH and ADA/H, along with the majority of Americans, are concerned about abuses of executive privilege and the erosion of our constitution that not only brought us into an unnecessary war but violated the civil liberties and privacy of American citizens. Some say the proper remedy is impeachment of Bush and Cheney, some say increased Congressional oversight hearings, while others say that the Bush/Cheney administration will be out of office soon enough anyway. Where does your candidate stand on this issue?

4. Regarding Financing of Elections:
PDH and ADA/H, along with the majority of Americans, think that the election process is dominated by big money which leads to legislation that largely favors corporations over regular people. Some view this process as a form of barely disguised legalized bribery. Furthermore, the amount of time that a politician must spend raising money takes away from the time they should be spending serving their constituents. Where does your candidate stand on the topic of electoral reform and publicly financed elections?

5. Regarding the Environment:
As has been pointed out by Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore, particularly in his movie “Inconvenient Truth,” our planet is undergoing an environmental crisis. We feel that drastic changes need to be made and the U.S. should be a leader in this area rather than an impediment. How would your candidate address the global climate change crisis?

6. Regarding Economic Justice:
The growing disparity of wealth between rich and poor is undermining the middle class, which is key to a strong democracy. Some people think this is largely linked to trade issues, increased corporate domination over small businesses, and regressive tax policies that benefit corporations and the richest in our society at the cost of social programs and a higher tax burden for the middle-class. What will your candidate do to restore fairness and justice in our economy?

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  1. Has your candidate received any funds from AIPAC? What is your candidates position on the Israeli/ Palestinian issue? Does your candidate feel that if Israel ended its illegal Occupation of Palestine, removes all settlements, and tears down the obscene wall, and treat the Palestinians humanely that perhaps talks could begin about peace in the Holy Land? How does your candidate vote about funds to Israel to buy weapons of mass destruction from America to use against its neighbors? Would your candidate vote to withhold funds, said to be over 3 billion dollars a year, to Israel with the recognition that those funds could be used to fund Health Care for the millions of American citizens without or for education?

    Comment by Pat Blair — January 14, 2008 @ 6:46 am

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